After 10 fun filled days with my parents, as I type this (and pretend to still be sleeping so I don’t have to help them pack), they are getting ready to leave to go back to their home in Florida. It was a really fun trip, I must say. We went to Ikea TWICE. One of those times, I bought so much, it resulted in my mom sitting like this for the ride home:


Then, after we got everything, my Dad:

(he’s the old one) turned a little awkward space in my basement into a really cute “office” for my kids!

Isn’t it cute?
I won’t tell you how long it took home to put that desk together , but just to give you a rough idea of the speed of his work, I asked him to hang up six pictures in my office and it took him SIX hours! I’m not kidding. Not exactly going to win a race. And you know what? The pictures that he hung, oh so carefully…not even! Oh well. I still like it. And like he said, if I cock my head slightly to the right, they look perfect!

Anyway, they are leaving today and that makes for a very sad day for me. Not to mention, a slightly groggy one because after tossing and turning last night for several hours, I finally got up and took an Ambien.
I would love to write more about the trials and tribulations of drug induced sleep, but my mom has just discovered that I am not sleeping, but am in fact hiding from her in order to avoid helping her pack the car. An act that will have me in tears within moments. Oh well. More later…